Chiropody & podiatry treatments

Chiropody & podiatry

We cater for all those typical problems you would seek out a chiropodist or podiatrist to help you with

Nail problems

These are wide ranging, from simple thickening to gross thickening; highly curved (involuted) nails, ingrowing toenails, difficult to cut nails and long nails, discoloured nails and fungally infected toenails.

We aim to return the nail to as best a condition that is possible ,and in as good a state that the nail allows. This work on the nail is primarily approached with a sense of practical and medical needs, but we always do our best to allow for aesthetic needs to  be considered wherever it is possible.

We are in a unique position now, with having Newcastle Nail Laser Centre incorporated into the clinic, as we are able to medically and cosmetically lase discoloured and damaged nails to encourage rejuvenation of the tissues back to a more healthy condition as well as maningfully treat fungal nail infections without harsh oral medication. No other practice can offer this service like we do.

If you suffer with an intractable nail problem we can provide a surgical solution to this too.


Corns & callus


Hard skin and callus and the localised formation of painful corns can be most unconfortable. Whether they be on the toes, between the toes or on the soles of the feet careful and professional treatment is the safest way to deal with them. Advice on shoe sizes shapes and fit are necessary elements of successful treatment, as is cooperation.

More often than not the foot is struggling to function in the constraint and style of the footwear being worn. Everyone has a unique foot size, dimension and range of motion of their joints, these variables can often mean that the shoes one wants to wear are always going to interfere with how the foot will function within the shoe. An unfortunate truth I know.

It is worth knowing that a great many shoes, and how they fit your foot, are the root cause of a significant proportion of many biomechanical, and foot problems. Getting the right shoe for the foot is often a difficult process. We can offer pragmatic and practical advice and also offer insight into what improvements to your gait that may assist you in overcoming your discomforts.