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Case 2

This male patient has had a long history of ‘ingrowning’ toenails for some years, often becoming septic. It is highly likely that after a number of years a fungal infection exploited the damage and the unhealthy conditions in the nail groove and established an aggressive colony. The ‘Before’ picture shows that 30-40% of the nail has been destroyed by the action of the unsightly and damaging fungus.¬†He was unwilling to take oral medication because of the side effects he had read about.

All the nail that was diseased and rotting was carefully and painlessly trimmed back and the area cleaned and then the entire nail and margins of all the other nails lased, in accordance with the best treatment protocol, with the PinPointe FootLaser. Within 4 months the nail had nearly recovered and a sterilising lase into the margins administered.

7 months after the primary lase, the infection is resolved and continues to show no sign of returning, as can be seen in the ‘After’ picture.

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