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Case 3

The ‘Before’ picture shows a nail invasively damaged by a dermatophyte infection. In this case the female patient had tried most commonplace antifungal treatments, but experienced no benefit. The nail had been damaged all the way back to the point of primary growth. To treat this all of the contaminated nail needed to be cut […]

Case 2

This male patient has had a long history of ‘ingrowning’ toenails for some years, often becoming septic. It is highly likely that after a number of years a fungal infection exploited the damage and the unhealthy conditions in the nail groove and established an aggressive colony. The ‘Before’ picture shows that 30-40% of the nail […]

Case 1

These nails had been damaged by the corrupting affect of the fungus for about 10 years. The Patient, a lady of 60 years of age, had been having routine nail care during that time and had never managed to make the nails look well despite routine chiropody/podiatry care.┬áDuring this time a variety of antifungal preparations […]