Hamish Dow

Hamish Dow

Hamish enrolled in his podiatry training at Durham School of Chiropody  & Podiatry in 1978 and graduated in 1981, and for a while worked for the Berkshire NHS.

In 1982 the opportunity arose to move back to North East to join the practice at 93 Chillingham Road (initially established as an independent Chiropody clinic in 1957), and he has remained ever since. He and his wife Vanessa took over the practice in 2000, and maintained its family-run status, thus making it the oldest continuously running practice of its type in Newcastle.

The Dow Clinic operates as a Chiropody/Podiatry clinic to this day and has incorporated Newcastle Nail Laser Centre into its practice.

In 2009, the Clinic became the very first clinic of its type, in the North East, to acquire specialist nail-laser technology. Thus to enabling it to use the most modern cutting-edge equipment (and approach) to treat fungal nail disease and damaged nails.  This safe treatment uses laser energy (without harming healthy tissue or provoking any local or severe systemic side effects) to offer a meaningful therapeutic approach to the disease, that is both potent and effective. It is also drug-free approach to this difficult to treat, condition.

Since acquiring what was only the second PinPointe FootLaser in the UK in 2009, the practice has also added the Lunula bi-wavelength laser to its   laser treatment protocol. This addition now enable the fungal disease to be tackled with a three wavelength approach in the treatment package

In his spare time Hamish tries to find time to manage his allotment, create his own unique recipes with spices, dreams of owning a motorcycle again, and makes a valiant attempt to keep fit with The Newcastle Kettlebell Club